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Updated: Nov 30, 2019

The world population is presently estimated at 7 billion and rising.

This puts increasing pressure on available natural resources and innovative agricultural methods of farming have to be developed to increase yields.

To maximize yields this is achieved mainly using conventional agricultural methods which include chemical pest control, genetically modified organisms (GMO's) and other non-biological methods. This results in great strain on our resources, the ecosystem and puts human health at risk.

To counteract these risks new methods are being developed. A more natural agriculture practice sustains the natural health of the soil and the ecosystem thus diminishes risk to human health. Unfortunately, for the present we are not in a position to put aside on large scale conventional methods in use and embark on and employ the new direction in full.

A compromise situation may be a solution whereby conventional methods and the new approach are combined. As example: We start using less chemicals and more of the natural products thus making it possible to keep up with the nutritional needs of the world, at the same time concentrating on the development and use of eco and human health friendly products and methods.

Welcome to the world of Blue Ocean Agri, where we use technology and natural solutions to overcome the challenges of optimal crop production and ensure wealth creation by sustainable practices. We use natural products enhanced with mineral nutrients to give the best of both worlds.

Complex range of products is a unique combination of organic acids, amino acids and enzymes, in some cases minerals to enhance the plant's natural processes and ensure minimum impact on metabolic stress in conditions of abiotic stress. This is to ensure vigorous plant growth and reproduction by maintaining optimal energy in the plant. (high Brix, normal pH and EC in plant sap).

All products can be used in existing growth programs or on its own depending on the growth stage. Different growth programs are available on request.

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