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Updated: Mar 31, 2019

"Produce healthy and affordable food by implementing acceptable and sustainable methods and practices. Start using lesser chemicals and more of the natural products thus making it possible to keep up with the nutritional needs of the world. Concentrating on the development and use of environmentally friendly and products and methods that promotes human health' due to demand of the modem consumer this is what a producer of fresh produce have to achieve. Welcome lo world of World Focus, where we use technology and natural solutions to overcome the challenges of optimal crop production and thereby ensuring wealth creation by sustainable agricultural practices. The base of this process is Integrated Plant Energy Management (IPEM) where the emphasis is on producing healthy and affordable food by implementing acceptable and sustainable methods and practices. We use natural products enhanced with mineral nutrients utilising the best qualities of both worlds. This can only be achieved if it is commercially viable on yields with acceptable return on Investment. Here the concept of Integrated Plant Energy Management (IPEM) comes to the fore.

What is Integrated Plant Energy Management (IPEM)?

There are different milestones in the growth cycle of a crop where the demand for energy is greater than the reserves available. This occurs in cereals at initiation and when switching from vegetative to reproductive/generative phase. With vegetables, perennials and trees it occurs at blooming, cell division and fruit fill.

If this unique energy requirement is not fulfilled, the plant can experience an ·energy crisis". This is so called metabolic stress, where the probability for pathogens and insect attack increases, because of the lack of available energy to drive the

enzymatic/hormone system in the plant. These functions are responsible for optimal metabolism and defence against pathogens.

How to optimise Plant Energy?

This can be achieved through the focusing on the following essential plan crop components:

• Enzymatic systems

• Calcium and its functional components

• Functional and available Carbon (-COOH)

With the addition of an excellent natural organic metabolite. functional Carbon (-COOH) and Ca++, the plant's energy curve is put back in balance.

This more active and balanced metabolism has the following biological effect in the plant:

increased enzyme activation for metabolic changes and nutrient uptake;

due to the above mentioned, increase in hormone activity;

• continuous regrowth of root hairs (NB for optimal Ca++ uptake in plants):

• increased concentration of plant sugars/nutrients (Brix);

• increase in balance of absesenic acid and increase in plant sap conductivity (EC)

• increased photosynthesis activity;

• buffers the pH of the soil/medium and protects seedlings and young plants against the high salt index of chemical fertilisers;

• increased production of transporter enzymes - for better growth and robustness;

• optimal balance between photosynthesis and respiration.

Due to this changes in the plant"s metabolism. there is a substantial increase in glycose, sugar, starch and amino acid production. (BRIX) This is excellent conditions for optimal blooming, fruiting and therefore ultimately improved yield and the increase of shelf life.

To obtain the best results In IPEM, use the following products supplied by World Focus.

• Enzymatic systems - Gliogrow, Gliomax, Gliosense, Glionut & Gliocane.

• Calcium - CCM, Complex Calsus, Complex Calsul & Complex SuperCa.

• Functional and available Carbon (-COCH) - Complex SuperCa,

• COA Fertigation & Complex Root.

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