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  • GlioMax unleashes the green revolution by acting as an organic growth stimulant throughout the entire plant life cycle. 

  •  For alleviation of stress caused by environmental conditions resulting in depressed growth.

  •  A non-harmful, non-toxic and naturally occurring metabolite.

  • Suitable for all crops

  • Available in 5L, 1L, 500ml, 250ml 

The Glio-range is a unique product range with an enzyme as the active ingredient, Epipolythiodioperazine (ETP). By ensuring optimal enzymatic and metabolic reactions in plants, it results in high-energy, healthy and vigorous growing plants, thereby increasing the plant's natural ability to protect itself against insects and diseases.

All centre pivot applications must be increased by 25%

Proudly South African - State of the art technology from our own environment. 

Intensive testing nationwide.

Product Info


a. Suitable for all crops:

  • Leaf application from early development, event when in flower and before harvest. 

  • No withholding period.

b. Active ingredients:
  • ETP 1,5 µg/ml

  • N 7,17 g/kg

  • K 9 g/kg

  • • P 2,80 g/kg 

  • Mg 1 g/kg

  • Mn 0,3 g/kg 

  • Cu 0,10 g/kg

  • Kelp extract

c. Benefits:
  • Increase enzymatic and metabolic activity for uptake of nutrients

  • Constant regrowth of hair roots (NB for Ca uptake)

  • Increase of abscisic acids that leads to increase in conductivity of plant sap (EC)

  • Increase of photosynthetic activity and efficiency

  • Optimal balance between photosynthesis and respiration

  • Increase in length in the stems of flowers

  • Improving shelf life in fruits and cut flowers.


Any one of the Glio-range products can be used on any crop. It can be applied as a foliar application or overhead irrigation.

  • 1 – 2 l/ha

  • Up to 5 l/ha through the growing season

  • Depending on growth phase and canopy size, may be applied every 3 to 4 weeks.

  • It can be used with Complex super Ca, COA Foliar and the Super range products for optimal results.

  • Compatible with most insecticides and fungicides

  • Do not use in combination with copper (Cu).


  • Gliomax is applied via crop sprayers on the plant leafs before the yield-initiation phase.

Summer grains

  • Maize, (6 – 8 Leaf) Dry Beans,(T 4 – 5 growth stage) Soybeans, (T 4 – 5 growth stage) Sunflower, (6 – 8 Leaf) Sorghum, (6 – 8 Leaf) etc.

Winter Grains

  • Wheat, Barley, Ray, Oats, (Before or with tillering), Canola,(4 – 5 Leaf) etc.

All products can be used in growth programmes or on its own depending on the growth stage. Different growth programmes for specific crops are available on request.

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