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Established in 2008, Worldfocus Agri has been dedicated to providing organic growth support stimulants that nurture plants throughout their life cycles.


Worldfocus Agri is based in Delmas, Mpumalanga, ZA. This little farm town is located close to the N12, only 60 km from OR Tambo International Airport. Delmas is known for its maze production and large-scale farmers and farmlands. 


Worldfocus Agri specializes in the development and production of organic and biological growth stimulants and enhancers, utilizing both root and leaf applications.


Worldfocus Agri revolutionizes the traditional approach to plant protection, shifting the focus towards plant health through the lens of biotechnology.


Join us on our mission to create thriving and sustainable agriculture.





Marketing Director

Fourteen years ago, our journey began with a profound exploration of micro-organisms and nature's potential to optimize crop production and welfare. Initially, we experimented with direct micro-organism application on crops and land, yielding unpredictable and sometimes catastrophic results. Our determination to understand these outcomes led us to delve deeper into the science behind the positive effects of living organisms on crops and soil.


Today, our factory in Delmas conducts sophisticated biology under controlled conditions, extracting the remarkable Epipolythiodioperazine (ETP), a natural enzyme that serves as the active ingredient in our groundbreaking plant growth stimulant, Gliogrow. This product represents years of hard work and innovation, obtaining registration in 2009. Gliogrow, enriched with CAc03 (Calcium Carbonate) and mGc03 (Magnesium Carbonate), has proven to be a game-changer in enhancing crop growth and overall health.


Our range extends further to include registered products like Gliomax, a high-quality biostimulant for crops, Gliosense, offering advanced protection and resilience, Glionut, nourishing crops with essential nutrients, Gliograin, optimizing grain quality and yield, and Gliocane, promoting root health and stress tolerance - all contributing to your farm's success.


In 2012, we welcomed a biochemical engineer to our team, and their initial mission was to optimize the application of Agricultural Lime. This endeavour led to the creation of ultra-fine micronized lime/gypsum (CAc03, mGc03, CaS04), opening new possibilities for lime usage in agriculture. Our micronized lime boasts exceptional purity and is processed from parent rock limestone into a micro-fine milled product (5% <1µ, 15% s 10µ -1µ, 75% s 15µ-10µ).

The micronized products are also registered with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries under Act 36 of 1947 with B-numbers. 


Expanding our horizons, we developed a top-of-the-line foliar-feed range over the past five years, chelating nutrients with organic acids, amino acids, and fulvic acid, culminating in our Complex Super Range. These innovative products ensure optimum nutrient absorption and plant health, contributing to increased yield and overall crop performance.


With great pride, we have built a strong market presence in various production areas across South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, and Mozambique, and now, we venture into the Australian market with successful trials in Western Australia for the past two years.


Our Vision: Creating Wealth by using Innovative Technology, is at the heart of everything we do. We're on a mission to manage plant energy, enhance soil and plant health, and offer a diverse range of innovative products.


Thank you for your unwavering interest and support. Together, we embrace the future of sustainable agriculture and prosperity.



Financial Director

The global need for increased and higher-quality food production, coupled with rising input costs in farming, underscores the importance of innovative agricultural products and practices. Advancements in technology have significantly impacted energy, water expenses, crop and land management, leading agriculture towards a major leap in precision farming methods.


The continuous progress of agricultural technology is reshaping energy and water expenses, crop and land management, and yield. As a result, agriculture is now on the cusp of a significant transition towards precision farming methods, WorldFocus Agri marking a groundbreaking leap in the field.


Amid these remarkable advancements, our company seized the opportunity to delve into extensive research and develop cutting-edge products for the agricultural industry. Driven by the quest for cost-saving solutions, waste reduction, and improved soil quality, we introduced micronized lime. By minimizing packing material waste and reducing product volume and weight during transportation, we successfully lowered application costs. Compatible with precision farming equipment, micronized lime is a prized commodity for effective soil quality management. Utilizing standard or precision spray applicators, this revolutionary product has earned a well-deserved spot on the precision commodity list. Our state-of-the-art production equipment, sourced from leading international manufacturers, was purpose-built for micronized milling application, ensuring ample capacity to meet and exceed local market demands.


Globally recognized for its numerous benefits, Micronized lime has sparked a surge in demand, particularly in Africa, where transportation constitutes a significant portion of production costs.

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