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  • GlioCane unleashes the green revolution by acting as an organic growth stimulant throughout the entire plant life cycle. 

  •  For alleviation of stress caused by environmental conditions resulting in depressed growth.

  •  A non-harmful, non-toxic and naturally occurring metabolite.

  • Suitable for all crops

  • Available in 5L, 1L, 500ml, 250ml 

The Glio-range is a unique product range with an enzyme as the active ingredient, Epipolythiodioperazine (ETP). Ensuring optimal enzymatic and metabolic reactions in plants, it results in high-energy, healthy and vigorous growing plants, thereby increasing the plant's natural ability to protect themselves against insects and diseases.

All centre pivot applications must be increased by 25%

Proudly South African - State of the art technology from our own environment. 

Intensive testing nationwide.

Product Info


a. Suitable for all crops:

  • Leaf application from early development, event when in flower and before harvest. 

  • No withholding period.

b. Active ingredients:
  • ETP 1,5 µg/ml

  • • Zn 82 mg/kg

  • • Mo 2 mg/kg

  • • Cu 6 mg/kg 

  • • Fe 199 mg/kg

  • • B 409 mg/kg 

  • • Mn 378 mg/kg

c. Benefits:
  • Increase enzymatic and metabolic activity for uptake of nutrients

  • Constant regrowth of hair roots (NB for Ca uptake)

  • Increase of abscisic acids that leads to increase in conductivity of plant sap (EC)

  • Increase of photosynthetic activity and efficiency

  • Optimal balance between photosynthesis and respiration

  • Increase in length in the stems of flowers

  • Improving shelf life in fruits and cut flowers.


Any one of the Glio-range products can be used on any crop. It can be applied as a foliar application or overhead irrigation.

  • 1 – 2 l/ha

  • Up to 5 l/ha through the growing season

  • Depending on growth phase and canopy size, may be applied every 3 to 4 weeks.

  • It can be used with Complex super Ca, COA Foliar and the Super range products for optimal results.

  • Compatible with most insecticides and fungicides

  • Do not use in combination with copper (Cu).

All products can be used in growth programmes or on its own depending on the growth stage. Different growth programmes for specific crops are available on request.

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