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  • Complex Super K unleashes the green revolution by acting as an organic growth stimulant throughout the entire plant life cycle. 

  •  For alleviation of stress caused by environmental conditions resulting in depressed growth.

  •  A non-harmful, non-toxic and naturally occurring metabolite.

  • Suitable for all crops

  • Available in 1L & 5L 

A unique potassium plant nutrient blend, specifically formulated to prevent and correct potassium deficiencies in crops that can have adverse effects on growth and yield. Complex Super K as foliar feed where the mineral is chelated using organic acids, amino acids and enzymes.

All centre pivot applications must be increased by 25%

Proudly South African - State of the art technology from our own environment. 

Intensive testing nationwide.

Product Info

Complex Super K

a. Suitable for all crops:

  • Leaf application from early development, event when in flower and before harvest. 

  • No withholding period.

b. Active ingredients:
  • Potassium (K) 89 g/kg

  • Nitrogen (N) 25 g/kg

  • Organic acids and Amino acids

c. Benefits of organic acids and amino acids:
  • Stabilizes plant nutrients that have the potential to leach or lock-up in insoluble complexes.

  • Organic acids improve soil structure.

  • Humic acid magnifies fertilizer inputs.

  • Humic and fulvic acid is not a man-made concoction, it is, in fact, the main natural acid found in humus in, soil or compost.

  • Humic acid is a powerful bio-fertilizer in its own right. It increases root growth and improves photosynthetic response, while increasing flowering and fruit/seed filling.

  • Humic acid is a source of energy for beneficial soil organisms

  • Help with foliar nutrient uptake.


A unique potassium nutrient blend for foliar application, specifically formulated to prevent and correct potassium deficiencies in crops. Chelated with a unique combination of organic acids, amino acids and enzymes.

  • Apply 1 – 2 l/ha

  • It can be used on its own and is compatible with most known foliar feeds.

All products can be used in growth programmes or on its own depending on the growth stage. Different growth programmes for specific crops are available on request.

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